Aloha from Susan and the Kona Choral Society!

Mahalo for your support! We hope you attend our upcoming concert as your presence sends a powerful message of aloha that reminds us that music matters. We thank you.

We are in for a very special performance of Mozart’s Requiem. It is an honor and pleasure to welcome the world-renowned choral conductor, Joseph Flummerfelt, to be our guest conductor!

Good teachers are memorable. Influences of mentors are many and indelible! It’s been twenty years since I sang and studied under Flummerfelt’s baton. There is not a rehearsal that goes by where I don’t recall something that I learned from him…

  • “That dynamic must have meaning. Do every dynamic consciously.”
  • “Don’t lose the music in the silences.”
  • “Don’t slide over eighth notes. How would you like to spend your life as an eighth note?”
  • “Now you are becoming a living organism that I can do something with.”

These are just a few quips that I found written in the margins of my scores while studying under Flummerfelt in the late 90s. What a gift to have him work with us this spring!

KCS has experienced more unprecedented growth this season. We are now over 100 voices in the adult chorus and over 40 voices strong in the youth chorus. Our orchestra today is made up of 30 professional musicians! I continue to be excited by the momentum and talent of this organization. I deeply appreciate the positive spirit and willingness of our singers, board members, advisory committee, and the tremendous energy of our many other volunteers and donors. Mahalo nui loa iā ʻoukou apau!  Mahalo.

Hope you can attend the concert and stay in touch!